Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Safely store accessories while creating an elegant room accent with Powell's Masterpiece Antiqued Parchment jewelry armoire. Hand-carved and hand-painted, this lovely piece features ornate woodwork around the top and base, neoclassic corner columns, and a large floral design blooming from the distressed golden background. Place the armoire in a dressing area and experience the luxury of finding the right jewel or scarf easily and quickly. Plus, it's wonderful to know that valuables are protected from damage and loss, even in busy spaces. This large armoire offers efficient organization, beginning with seven drawers stacked vertically down the front. Use the four small drawers (two are divided) for items like earrings, bracelets, and watches, and fill the three large drawers with shawls and lingerie. Each drawer opens with a flower-shaped knob and is luxuriously lined with brown 100-percent rayon. On top, a hinged lid opens to a large mirror and a roomy storage area with ring pads. For necklaces and chains, pull out the two side pocket doors to access sturdy metal hooks.

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Ebook The Power of KEPEPET

Halo temen-temen semua..saya akan sedikit share ni buku yang cukup bagus untuk mengembangkan jiwa kewirausahaan kamu.Judulnya The Power of Kepepet .Buku ini memberikan gambaran bahwa dalam memulai suatu usaha/bisnis harus dikondisikan dalam keadaan kepepet.Ya kepepet bayar uang kuliah,bayar utang,bayar biaya rumah sakit,dll.Dalam memulai suatu bisnis hanya butuh action-Action-dan ACTION .Lakukanlah dulu ,jangan bnyak menganalisis diawal.Rencana selanjutnya bisa dipikirkan smabil berjalanya waktu.

Keberanian melakukan usaha merupakan kuncinya .Inilah buku yang sangat inspiratif membantu anda membentuk mental entrepreneurship yang handal

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